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What’s in a Skate Shoe – Ins and Outs

Just as not every person can skate, not every shoe can be used for skateboarding.

The abrasiveness of the grip tape can shorten the life of skateboarding shoes.

skateboarders. They were designed to protect the top of the foot, make the bottom soles grippier and protect the ankles.

Credit is given to Vans for producing shoes with waffle like diamond pattern that helped provide superior gripping and foot protection technology along with their signature rubber.

These days, there are various shoe brands that boast of varying excellence and development.

What is common to see in most SB (Skateboarding) shoes are the following:

  • Double or triple threading of the upper material
  • Shoelace protectors
  • Fusion Grip Rubber Outsole
  • Cup soles
  • Vulcanized rubber soles
  • EVA Mid Sole
  • Asymmetric stabilizers
  • Thermoplastic Toe Box Reinforcement

The competition is high among manufacturers as there is a huge market for skateboarders. Skate board shoes have become a strong niche market.

Once dominated by Vans and DC Shoes, Nike and Adidas wants a piece of this growing pie.

Nike SB shoes, for example, have Shock-Absorbing insoles, Kevlar-reinforced laces, and Lunarlon, a kind of cushioning that

features a soft, yet resilient, foam core that helps reduce painful pressure points on feet.

DC Shoes are integrated with Dynamic Grip Technology and Super Suede material.

Generally, the key to finding good shoes for skateboarding is to consider durability against the grip, comfort while skating, and protection for the feet and ankle when landing.

Once these three things are ascertained, then one can start considering the price. But as nothing good lasts forever, a pair of skate shoes will be good only until you have to get a new one.

Every major brand of shoes seem to have an SB (Skate Board) division, including Nike, Puma, Adidas and Vans.

Traditional Skate Board Shoes companies include DC Shoes, Emerica, Etnies and Supra.

Today’s newest designs are now collaborations with the top skate board professionals.

They have signature skate shoes, the way NBA stars have signature shoes.

They add in their features and help market the line.

Skate shoes continue to evolve with lighter materials and improved support for ankles, soles, tops – improving design, comfort and of course, style.